Adult Aspie Group

The first meet up of the adult group in a long time went pretty well. Although it was generally unstructured, we cohesively decided thatwe would decide a theme for the following months meet up at the end of each meet.

This time, we met on the mezzanine at Hereford Courtyard  it was mainly just a hi, hello, get to know you session. Everyone got on well and feedback was positive.

The group decided we will meet on the first Wednesday evening of every month 7pm till 9pm. The next meet up will be at the same location but we are each going to talk for 10 minutes about ourselves and something we like.

In the future we are going to look at the possibility ofgoing for an evening meal somewhere. If anyone else has any ideas they would be really appreciated.

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  • Louise Edwards

    We had a lovely evening – we felt welcome and comfortable. What a great group of people!
    Thank you
    Joseph and Louise

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