Adult Aspie Group

Whilst the branch is committed to Inclusive activities this group is setup  for those with or without a formal diagnosis that are on the ASD spectrum that are managing the disability but need to have an outlet in which to get together with likeminded adults. As of such the local authority haven’t offered anything to help these individuals so please if you regard yourselves as an Aspie then you are welcome to come along. We have just launched an adult chat group on Facebook just for Aspies. So please get in touch if you would like to join as it’s a closed group.

Coffee & Chat Group

This group meets up regularly and consists of parents and carers of the school / nursery children. It’s great that they all attend and have become quite a close network of friends and all ways give a willing ear to listen to what ever troubles you are having. We meet up once a fortnight at the Debenhams café from 10am but please keep an eye on social media pages for the days as they change every week so that everyone gets a chance to come along.

Puzzle Pieces Group

This group was set up for young children with or without a formal diagnosis of the early years and primary school age children. You are welcome to come along to this group, but we ask that you sign a few forms and book via our event bright link. Because it’s so popular we must restrict the numbers coming along because of space.

Connections Group

This group is for the teenagers which meet up at least once a month were they take part in activities that help with their social side of their condition. Again you will need to fill in a form to be able to take part in this so that we have parental permission. So please get in touch if your teen would like to come along.

Spectrum Group

This is new group starting in the New Year for those over the age of 18 years of age that are struggling to find their place in social settings. Please look out for the launch of this group.

Coding Club Group

This has two sections to it and will give more details in next month’s newsletter as we are taking a little break in Jan and will be back coding in February!