Gardens & Health: our sensory path project at Saxon Hall

August 11, 2017

To celebrate Gardens and Health week we were excited to be visited by a team from the National Autistic Society’s head office with TV’s Alan Gardner, known for his Channel 4 programme – the Autistic Gardener, to celebrate the results of our sensory path project so far. Our gardening club meets regularly at Saxon Hall to work on the garden and welcomes new members. Details can be found on the events page on this website, and on our branch Facebook page.

Rural Media Charity: Action for Autism

This project was produced in association with the Herefordshire Branch of the National Autistic Society and supported by Herefordshire Council. Working with the ASD community, family and carers; through creative workshops and working alongside film professionals, members helped plan, produce and make a short film. The finished film has been promoted via a social media campaign throughout Autism Awareness Week and through promotion by the National Autistic Society.

Too Much Information

Over 99% of people have heard of autism, but only 16% of autistic people feel the public understand them. That’s why the National Autistic Society created Too Much Information. It’s time we challenged the myths, misconceptions and stereotypes that mean that 79% of autistic people feel socially isolated. It’s time to help the public to understand autism, the person, and the change they can make.